1st September 2021

I take this short epistle to momentarily discuss and consider a most disruptive movement within our civilization. My ire is directed towards the sudden and wholly confusing manifestation of numerous individuals living in an apparent alternative universe, were the rules that govern the vast majority of us their peers are a total anathema to their ongoing existence. The deniers, naysayers, fundamentalists, who daily are happy to ignore a thousand years of layered learning and progress to condone their own illogical and fallacious ideas.

That too much freedom of choice should result in a negative effect on the general welfare of a species is a most unfortunate circumstance. Some activities are by necessity prohibited, the firing of cannons into crowds of innocent persons, the mouthing of malicious untruth and tell tattle in order to sow discontent and rebellion, are but two pertinent examples.

Pray we have reached the point when the sanctity of freedom of action and speech can be mitigated by a need for public safety.

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