27th August 2021

I do not ask a great deal, just a little privacy, some consideration, and when inconvenienced even slightly the courtesy of prior warning. None of these requirements are problematic or difficult, they just require thought upon the parts of the infringers.

My capacity to be bellicose, to illustrate verbally my emotions, has improved greatly, The Americas is a world of predatorial behavior, I soon came to appreciate that my natural British stoicism and my expectation of consideration and   respect was not recognized in a society whose principles are largely based upon the precept that to take what you want without reference to any other is an acceptable action and more tellingly the norm.

Much as it grieved me I was obliged to learn to complain, to dig in my heels against sidelining, being ignored, unconsidered, even though such a stance is wholly heinous to my sensibilities.

Politeness is the easiest behavior to manifest, simply act in a manner most humane.

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