26th August 2021

Isolation is a concept most alien, removed from all understanding, an idea as unimaginable in the modern age as say the impossibility of motorized vehicles, man flying in the sky, a code of common justice or ethics, international recognized movements that guard against the excesses of not only the individual but the governments of onerous states.

To be successfully parted from this new inclusive world is a feat most problematic. Certainly there are small tribes in the deepest Amazon rain forests and the wild jungles of the Indonesia’s that still possess such independence, that out of hand murder any transgressors upon their territory, where cannibalism, strange and unnatural physical deformations. rituals and practices are allowed and encouraged, yet even these few and extreme societies are slowly and painfully being dragged shouting and screaming into modernity.

Imagine then this wonderous utopia of human kind, perhaps not yet perfect, but most decidedly nearing universality, suddenly finding itself inflicted by a condition that screams singularity over multiplicity, whose avoidance and eventual demise is reliant upon quarantine. separation, segregation, seclusion, self-imposed and societally mandated.  The most simple and acceptable cure-all being the direct converse of the very thrust of all civilization has striven for, almost without exception.

Naturally that wonderous beast science has provided further relief in the form of inoculation, the process of administering a small innocuous form off the offending complaint to urge the body to manufacture its own natural and highly effective form of defense. Problematically, vaccination has since its very invention by Edward Jenner in seventeen ninety-six, as a highly effective tool against the terrible worldwide Cowpox epidemic, has been maligned as false science, magical, devilish in both method of application and effect, and though those fears may change in direction and formulation, the process remains unacceptable, almost to the point of religious anathema, to a wide range of wholly unrelated of conjoined persons.

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