25th August 2021

I have spent much of my life trying, somewhat hopefully, to understand the motivation behind my own actions, and far more precariously the reasoning behind other folks thoughts and deeds. Mine own foolishness’s have ever been disposed by two uncontrollable sources, pure chance, and the hope of gaining some physical or mental joy from any forthcoming result. Luck is quite obviously haphazard, and in my experience the gratification level commensurate with apparent success is equally arbitrary. We hope, we plan for specific outcomes, but having fenagled the wished consequence a positive reaction can never be assured.

Humananity, you, me, we all are particularly contrary, liable to change opinion and purpose with each passing moment. Any scheme, not with assured immediacy, is liable to prove entirely unsatisfactory once the course is completed and our mount returns to the saddling enclosure.

‘Whatever must be, must be, the futures not ours to see, que serra, serra.’ Beginnings are moldable, endings are inevitable.

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