24th August 2021

Predictably, we are all guilty of daily committing any litany of heinous offences, and habitually inclined to nimbly offer that most pernicious of defenses, that the perceived deed, thought, activity, slight, offended our good selves, our pets, our god, to a point beyond any possible chance of allowability or forgiveness. Our reaction, however inflated, embroidered, over played, was therefore reasonable, forgivable, condonable for any number of moral and ethical considerations. The perfect conniving form of human justification.

We excuse our thoughts and activities endlessly with a rational that can succinctly be described as driven, aimed as a weapon against any proffered accusation of offence. Attack is opined the most successful way to mitigate guilt, asswage burden, explain vengeful reprisal. The riposte delivered ‘en flèche’ if possible, confirms our species as a beast more inclined towards confrontation than explanation.

For social beings we are frightfully self-absorbed, spiteful, vengeful in the extreme.

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