22nd August 2021

Not wishing to become totally isolated I take the opportunity when presented to accompany friends to town, to accomplish necessary grocery shopping and banking, and also to break what would otherwise be an overwhelming feeling of social abandonment. Being a fairly private individual by nature, my time in company is highly limited, I hardly ever reach out beyond the bounds of my immediate circle, perhaps due to shyness, asceticism, reclusiveness, but never from a desire for unremitting loneliness.

My willingness to be remote, singular, is of some help in these dark days of enforced social distancing, presenting but a small extension of the reclusion I permit my nature on a daily basis. My observations suggest that a multitude of others find such restrictions extraordinarily difficult, seeming to find the risk of cross infection far less threatening than the need for simple good practice. Today for example I witnessed parents with babes in arms unmasked and mixing quite unperturbably with all and sundry.

One thought on “22nd August 2021

  1. dear sir
    come and visit us on Langdon Road anytime for we are quarantined as well. We simply need to be wary, wear masks and distance a bit. We were hoping this winter we might emerge from this pandemic, but alas….

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