21st August 2021

Time perhaps to consider what we are, how we are observed, perceived, remembered, recalled, if we exist happily in the company of the light, of kindness, goodness, joy, or more tragically in the realm of darkness, shadowy, indistinct, feared, shunned, and distanced. The difference betwixt and between is of course abstract, of little import in the broad span of time and space, vital personally, but unimportant, inconsequential beyond the discolored panes of our own private tiny fragile conservatory.

I fall comfortably into neither gathering, I cannot claim unsullied righteousness, nor outstanding devilry. Rather a beast of changeable disposition, quite capable of the occasional consideration, and equally unpredictable bouts of insensitivity.  A wholly human creature, more than happy to proclaim my imperfection at any form of activity, spiritual, manual, or theoretic. In this state I am not unusual, singular. Rather general, multifarious, a very average leaf swaying in the breeze upon the tree of life.

No doubt I have within my genes the rudiments of goodness, a capacity to be empathetic, supportive to each and all of my species. Evil dwells equally in those same depths, a nasty, conniving, viscous creature, capable of turning upon friend and foe with malignant intent. The generous provider of unbegged nourishment and an unrepentant cannibal cohabitating happily within the same pelt.

Recognizing the disparity in myself hones my skill in perceiving the same trait in each and every person, perhaps not as blatantly pervasive my own failing, but seeded never the less, and quite capable of sudden and intransigent growth. The worm doth turn when progress is barred, savaging any barrier to its comfortable and successful retreat.

At least once a day I have to face my mirror reflection in the onerous process of shaving and am obliged to contemplate the image that stares back with a worryingly predictable lack of passion. Treat yourself to a daily honest inspection of your features, for the visage invariably coveys truth when devoid of self-controlled expressions.

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