20th August 2021

The less specifics the mind has to concentrate upon the more observant to altercative concepts in can become. Our intellect is astute at keeping imagination in check, allowing some ideas to develop but only those that are acceptable to predetermined probability, determined by education and belief systems. To step outside the logical, the predictable, the possible, is too close to admitting all knowledge stored in our memory is totally conditional, has more to do with what seems cerebrally fitting than what is actual or viable..

Sitting quietly, relaxed, at peace, my eyes oft conceive fleetingly, assuredly, apparitions that cannot be. Strange, indecipherable objects that exist at the very edges of my visualization, never in focus, moving in and out of that periphery at speeds quite astounding and wholly improbable. Sensibility says such phenomenon are fancy, supposition, the psyche playing tricks, simple unfounded illusion.  Yes I see them, feel them, not plainly, but coherently, as being spiritually and emotionally extant.

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