19th August 2021

At some point in actuality, as in theory, reality becomes the only true arbitrator of circumstances. However painful, disappointing, or troublesome the honest position may be to consider, accept, or recognize, veracity will invariably pervade the most convinced disposition. Situations once established are not inclined to change easily, palpability’s might muddy, perspectives dissimulate characteristics, but once established, fixed, foundations cannot be substantially altered without the concurrent total destruction of ground zero.

Modernity, enlightenment, bring a disconnect from less liberal circumstances beyond easy acceptability. The western world is entirely liberal, even the most ‘conservative’ of citizens has the capacity to dwell in the twenty-first century and will condemn those unable as being relics of distant past. Still, the right of such outlooks has quite specific stumbling blocks, the last remaining vestiges of gender power politics. Yet, those remains will eventually dissipate.

But, the stone age remains beyond, inviolate.

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