18th August 2021

Sometimes it is not enough to be right, to have justice and fairness on one’s side, to be the self-evident face of modern ethical civilization, to be a lion of freedom, equality, democracy, parity. Just sometimes being right does not sway the will of the people to unwavering consensus.

Idealism is undoubtably precious, should be the crowning jewel in any idealistic societies crown, but other interests can shade even that beauteous vision, particularly the sight of fallen heroes returning in coffins and the unending drip, drip, drip, of irrecoverable wealth leeching from the national treasury. One nation, one person, cannot be another’s permanent guardian, is unable guarantee endless safety and joy from the ravishes of opposition. There are heavy costs tied to commitment, drawbacks wholly invisible and unpredictable at the outset of even the most righteous and well-intended of missions, impediments that with time must escalate rather than dissipate.

Futures face is not always what we wish, control is fleeting and unpleasantly slippery.

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