17th August 2021

We seem to live in a society where many an individual decides or at least imagines they somehow know so much better than we poor sops. The reasonings for their crown of superiority are multifarious, but mainly related to moralistic imperatives that indefatigably separate in their minds the chosen from we poor ignorant sinners.

I have a love hate relationship with any word that with the simple addition of a small precursor changed its meaning quite emphatically. I find that people who use these magically reversable vocables to describe themselves rarely are outstanding examples of the positive extreme of the definition, rather falling somewhere around or beyond the cusp of when the designation   alters from good to bad, persons to be codified changeable, self-serving, unbenevolent, unconscionable, even irreproachable.

The worst are the so called redeemed, those whose spiritual elevation allows then to stand amongst the angels and spout in tongues. How totally irredeemable they are.

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