16th August 2021

Persons are inclined to wax lyrical about religious experience, but noticeably mainly the internal, those private oft unrelatable happenstances that occur unsurprisingly irregularly without the possibility of exterior verification and validation.

The vast majority of mine own pious moments are far less remarkable, but equally memorable, mainly in connection with very average happenstances, that might not immediately occur under public gaze but are open for any amongst my fellow beings to experience and venerate. A humming bird, wings beating at a rate beyond mine eyes easy recognition, a perfect microcosm of the majesty of creation. The soft sound of rain upon a roof after a hot and parched day, suddenly cooling the air and producing endless quantities of revitalizing air for the relief of our taxed respiratory system. That breathtaking smile that spreads across a child’s face when unconditional happiness escapes an oppressing moment of gloom.

Miniscule unending miracles, free, collective, inspiring, sublimely communal.

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