15th August 2021

I savor pleasures quite unrepentantly, both large and small, from the slightest titillation to the deepest joy. There is no moratorium on such deliciousness’s, they appear from morn ‘til way, way, into evensong. Our difficulties arise in recognizing such random delights, admitting into our presence random scenarios that can install exalted feelings within an often-devoid heart and soul.

We beasts easily becoming the most miserable of creatures, happily feeding from misery and upset, but turning our backs upon the multifarious wonders that are exceptional and should be excessively tasted and enjoyed. Exquisite jam upon perfectly baked and still warm bread, the scent of freshly laundered pillows as one nose buries itself in their soft receptive mounds. Small be enormous raptures, sufficient to momentarily lift consciousness to extasy and beyond.

Perhaps you find my examples unmeritorious, but that but proves and multiplies the perspective. Ignore the tiny at your peril, for it is the miniscule that surrounds us momentarily.

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