14th August 2021

‘Twas always my heartfelt wish to be that person who could in the vast majority of cases think the very best of other’s motives, actions and thoughts. I am not usually an individual want to convince and sentence anyone on hearsay, or rumor, on scant to no evidence. As members of the human species we do have a duty to stand together, to uphold one and other’s best interests, and not to be drawn into condemnation until no other plausible alternative remains possible.

In spirit I have not changed or wavered, still attempt to consider my fellow beasts honorable and trustworthy, having at core the same good intents as myself, guarding them against unfortunate and impolitic actions. Unfortunately, my almost religious conviction is lately dented, marred, wrapped in layer upon layer of disappointment, till little remains whole or untarnished. I find a significant percentile of my species now tells a good story, but seldom can be relied upon to follow through or even start along the indicated trajectory. Truth and honesty are most rare products in our age.

One thought on “14th August 2021

  1. but, dear sir, it is truth and honesty through your eyes. For instance, I have said I would have a dinner here for all to share, and shame on me for not carrying through, however, in all honesty, with John and his condition I cannot. Simple and unfortunate truth.

    Careful to be the master and mind of truth and honesty as it is subjective and one woman’s truth is another’s fallacy.

    breathe easy through this smoky reality

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