10th August 2021

Each and every day I have one fact quite plainly reaffirmed to me, when it comes to the complications of twenty-first century technology my knowledge is on a very slippery downhill slope. I really have no conjecture about aspects that a fourteen- or fifteen-year-old would be able to comprehend quite simply, find many of the words and phrases that dribble from the technocrats lips totally beyond my ken, no matter the efforts I put throw wholeheartedly in my daily attempts into understand.

I have acquired a solution, a way to overcome this unfortunate shortfall in my vault of knowledge. I throw myself upon the mercy of those with the training, skill, and capacity to assist, those wonderful persons whom fill the ranks of the customer assist departments. I do understand that many have a rather jaded perspective of this profession, but I have found, that if treated with the decency and gratitude they deserve they come through one hundred and ten percent every time.

Please and thank you are such very useful tools to have to hand in ones arsenal.

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