9th August 2021

In adulthood being tired is a most repetitive and inconsistent state, a worrisome burden that demands immediate attention, yet quite often totally ignores any attempt to nullify its somnastic effect.

As a baby humans are fatigued through the effect of a full belly, nothing settles are calms an infant more than the soothing effect of suckling at their adored mothers teat. For a child excess exercise will bring the body and mind to a need for repose, mental stimulation seeming as effective as hard toil to create the perfect circumstances for good nourishing sleep. As an adolescent a new super relaxer arrives, namely sexual satisfaction, aptly at the very same time that the natural reproductive clock begins to hum with overpowering import.

Adults suffer tiredness for all these reasons, any one single coaxer, or a combination of the many roots. Hence the amazing repose that follows a heavy wedding breakfast and the physical and mental exhaustion that follows that first torrid night of armor in the arms of a beloved.

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