4th August 2021

As you will have often heard me express we are blessed upon this island with a wonderous supply of all things edible, packaged, and fresh, with all manner of branded grocery goods, sufficient and of good enough quality to appease the most pernickety of persons. The same unfortunately cannot be said about attire, both clothing and footwear, general haberdashery, and quality culinary and electrical equipment. For these items we are obliged to either travel to the mainland to shop, transporting purchases back or rely on one of the companies who accept online purchasing and deliver by carrier.

I have no objection to mail order, having habitually ordered boots and suits from shoemakers and tailers for many a year. My one reservation is ever whether sellers adequately vet products before marketing them. Was a time such concerns were marginal, but recently with the down grading in quality of both manufacture and adequate and honest description, disappointment on receipt is regretfully a regular happenstance.  

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