3rd August 2021

I am occasionally recalled. Remembered by people past and to all intense and purposes departed from my circle. Their reasoning is simplistic, I am useful, capable of helping then in times of need, supportably, financially, with kind words and open pocket, such is the fate of confidents whom have travelled beyond the realm of instant recollection.

This new manifestation of value doesn’t cut me as much as perhaps it should, for being beneficial whilst not necessarily convenient is the accepted shelf for older relations, estranged parents, distanced but still in dire circumstances beneficial echoes that the medicant has found convenient to set aside in more temperate times. Such service calls arrive cyclically, for life itself revolves upon a discernable axis, plights occur at wholly predictable intervals, likely plainer to the consoler than those in need of comfort.

We should remain charitable in such circumstances, even when burdens yoke is quite plain and repelling. Good conscience demands our assent.

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