2nd August 2021

For the first time I many months I took laundry to the launderette today rather than struggling in my large but still problematic double sinks. The premises was thankfully quiet, a surprise midway through a busy season, but a blessing as the machine room was almost unbearably hot, the addition of a few sweating bodies would surely have made the experience horrific. The launderette itself was as usual well maintained, nicely vacuumed, surfaces wiped down, generally in an excellent condition. Staff may change but the management ever runs a tight ship.

As usual I sat outside overlooking Crescent beach road whilst my laundry chugged away. Sitting peaceably looking about I realized I had quite missed this portion of what was once a monthly ritual. The greenery was magnificently vert, the sky brilliant blue, the air clean and odor free cooled by a slight breeze from the sea.

Small pleasures, so often overlooked in our frantically paced existences, but worth their weight in gold to those ready to take note, relax, and just experience.

One thought on “2nd August 2021

  1. well I do have a somewhat adequate laundry, for which I am eternally grateful, I do have a sheila maid which takes my drying laundry to the ceiling, and I do have a clothes line which is my great joy to watch sheets and towels sway in the ocean breeze. Funny, the small things that bring great pleasure.

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