1st August 2021

I have but two remaining long-term friendships, both originating from approximately the same period, the nineteen nineties. My affection for both is extreme, one through a very personal relationship that had a lasting effect upon my tastes and opinions, and other which has graphically proved to me the heights that the human soul can achieve with a willingness to explore and grow outside of the obvious.

Other old acquaintances, chums, amigos, compadres, have become lost in the annals of time, obscured by the very same layers of dust and debris that have managed to hide, or at least somewhat camouflage mine own peculiar rise and eventual fall into happy obscurity.

I reflect upon their demeanors often, contemplating happenstances and emotions shared, but seldom wonder of their present whereabouts. A clear bit pleasantly amended recollection of the memorable moments shared is so much more the precious tiara without the cruel tarnishing that the toll of passing years can manifest.  

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