31st July 2021

Today, I had the unfortunate experience of watching a dear acquaintance stumble quite inadvertently into the cavernous depths of a verbal bear pit, innocently, and without any intent to denigrate in any manner whatsoever.  My sadness is multiplied not by my friends perhaps lack of politic foresight, but rather how quite so readily the great unsavoriness of this universe reacting gleefully to a quite innocent statement, appended views and sentiments that should be wholly unacceptable in any society not colored with the stains of fascist doctrine.

The world, the great melting pot of humanity, regretfully proves time after time to contain, even in the most seeming liberal locations, a worryingly percentile of persons with views so outdated and bigoted to cause honest apoplexy amongst the majority. That such thoughts are expressed in troubling enough, but the casual manner in which the bile is shared in public forums, whence their words in this modern age can never be erased, no matter the effort made to do so. The culprits are obliged to own their remarks for eternity.

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