30th July 2021

A further adventure in town today. Firstly a wonderful cup of coffee at Enzo’s, still on balance my favorite spot to sit, stare and pick over the happenstances of the last few days, with particular attention today to the very strange goings in the world of politics and the media. Seems we have reached a point beyond unbelievable and are beguiled with stories so bizarre and preposterous as to make even Pinocchio absolutely believable at his most   nasally elongated.

Has anyone else ever wondered about the political appropriateness of one of our favorite fairy stories being about a young male adolescent challenged by an over responsive wooden member? Nursery stories are so often moral lessons wrapped up as mystical conundrums.

After Enzos, the car wash and farm stand. My favorite companion has a thing about keeping the yellow monster as clean as is possible. I wholly understand the reasoning, Orcas is frighteningly awash with all kinds of detritus guaranteed to make a vehicle any look rather dowdy. The farm stand was empty of almost all produce, beets being the object of today’s search. We left the kiosk empty bagged but with change still jingling replete in our pockets.

A short stop at the market, I was out of flour tortillas and guacamole, two vital ingredients to have on hand at virtually any time of year.  In summer most refreshing with perhaps a nice fresh salad and a little piquant prepared meat, in wintertime wonderfully warming with refried beans and a spicy sauce. The market itself and the adjacent carpark were summer full of all manner of folks, touristy and local, but thankfully we made the excursion inwards and outwards fairly painlessly.

Many, many souls in town wandering about aimlessly, or so it seemed, far more intent on sightseeing than actually being safe and seen. The similarities between our streets and a recreational theme park always amazes me, individuals really so oft seem to lose all sense of propriety and sensibility when vacation inspired amnesia is upon them.

All in all a good day, ending with tasty home cooked Hispanic style victuals.

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