24th July 2021

‘Twas my weekly jaunt into town today, to include a pleasant cup of coffee in company of a chum, and a wander in the market to provision my somewhat depleted larder.

My usual mile or of walking was depleted a little having made a fairly late start out, just after 1.00 PM, and my dear friend has already almost made the drive up the hill towards my abode. As ever I was more than happy to climb aboard the custard express and settle back in a cushioned seat to watch in luxurious comfort as the furlongs flew by beneath the extremely well ribbed tires.  

We took coffee in a repurposed café which we had ceased to frequent some time ago for reasons of regret but has now recovered much of its previous charm. The servers make a most excellent mocha, extremely chocolatey, and sitting upon the veranda, ears belabored by the occasionally discordant sounds of a modern jazz band, is a most pleasant way to spend an hour on a sunny afternoon, necessarily exchanging local and national gossip as we are all inclined to do on occasion.  

A quick sortie to a local farm stand to acquire some rather plump zucchini was next on the ‘me and you’, involving a small circuitous procession towards the island golf course then, green squash safely in hand, a return back to town itself.

The market is a remarkable facility, containing a wondrous supply of all kinds of groceries, bakery items, produce fresh and frozen, meat and fish, and ancillary daily needs and wants. Heavily crowded throughout tourist season, the owning family also keep stocks and staffing most respectably high during off season, solely for the benefit of just we lucky locals, a real boon to the community, especially during spells of inclement weather when the stores interior becomes in all honesty the social beating heart of the island. Unfortunately, some of the employees, through no fault of their own, have been exposed to possible contact infection, a risk service workers deal with on a daily basis in our cruel new world. Hopefully they will be fully cleared by the testing so considerately and quickly arranged by the management, and their missed smiling faces will be back in situ shortly.

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