23rd July 2021

What value do you place on promises? How much faith is weighted in a bond?  I avoid making pledges, long term commitments that can so easily be made impossible or unlikely by adverse circumstance or chance. For tomorrow I will make account, for a weeks’ time perhaps an undertaking, but further into the future is far too arbitrarily likely to include unexpected alterations for my conscience to allow for vows.

Disappointments wound me, stab me quite as intensely as a sharply thrust poniard. My hide bears scars from many such casually given assurances, not singularly disabling, but in unison debilitating enough to make me hesitant to show my non-cuirassed back to any but my closest allies. In accord I avoid undertaking arrangements that risk incompletion, both as a kindness to other parties and to myself, for having given oath I am obliged by honor to move heaven and earth to facilitate any concord.

These observations can date me, reduce my agreeability, and reflected affability, but such is the asking price of integrity.

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