22nd July 2021

My community is permeated with fear, concern for the safety of neighbors, fellow islanders, whom having religiously taken every precaution over the previous seventeen months are sadly suddenly faced with the prospect of an upsurge in our susceptibility to contagion with COVID 19 and its variants.

All precautions included many a week of almost complete isolation, as proscribed by the county medical authority, a very gradual relaxation with the precautionary use of face masks, social distancing, and that most noticeable degree of self-policing than is ever present in any close-knit colony of caring residents, ensuring any failure in aligning with the social need for care and attention is called out, firstly with good heart, but on occasion perhaps quite belligerently.

We lucky few, we Orcasonians, live enclosed in a kind of twenty-first century theme park, surrounded much of the time by paying visitors. Guests whom are most welcome to support our local economy, but not infringe upon the sanctity of our existence with the import of disease and poor behaviors.

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