18th July 2021

We become seduced by the authority we are given, imagining that to be real ascendancy, when in fact the only true power exists within, separate, aloof, able to survive in solitude, abandonment, and under persecution.

Dominance that is given is loaned, shared between master, and knowing underling, has no particular boundaries or rules, except for those agreed betwixt the parties, guide lines strictly followed as if a script for successful interrelations, intimacy, common purpose. Such connections are inclined to be tenuous, easily fragmentable by a changing of the circumstances that created, aided, assisted the original accommodation.

Laypersons imagine that it is easier to be the eight percent that the ninety two percent, to be the lord or lady rather than the servant, to be the governor not the follower, when in actuality both are codependent and can only function comfortably when harnessed adjacent between their relevant shafts. Please take note that dispositions of such labels are gender neutral, to the constant dismay of traditionalists whom derive some sort of fetishistic satisfaction from belittling the feminine whilst overly espousing the masculine. They claim that historically the male had been more assertive and directive, qualities they suppose are the ideal to manufacture dominion, a horribly superficial understanding of the fundamental principles of power exchange. A better understanding would be accomplished by studying the relationship between mother and offspring, a uniquely crafted alignment of authority and service in equal measure and balanced carefully as purpose and circumstance demand.

Humans being largely beasts share with their animal counterparts the small proviso that all power exchanges are to a large degree based upon sexual desire and practices, as is most every other important facet existent under creation. So we are presented generally with an active spam for homo sapiens of between the ages of man from two to six, age one being largely asexual, age six and beyond declining if not decrepit. Stepping outside these parameters when employing persons for positions of authority is most unfortunate and likely to result in agist anti-developmental social scenarios. Always rely for instruction on those looking forward rather than those looking back longingly, experience cannot replace or supersede physical capability, no matter those advances in medical practice and available chemicals our foolish pride would have us believe.

Most of life’s guiding principles, systems, organizations, conform to the geometric pattern of the upstanding triangle, a wide base with opposing ends extending upwards to meet as a point far, far above. The particular shape has represented power from time immemorial. A hieroglyphic, the mathematical symbol for the perfect disposition of all structures within human society. Hence the ancient pyramid, the overpowering phalanx, every model for institutions no matter culture or age, a continuous representation of the harmony between   need and practicality, as imagined by the best sensibilities of the alpha species of our planet.

We exist most contentedly in a construct of our own chosen design.

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