17th July 2021

Being empathetic does not necessarily require absolute agreement of principles, feelings, emotions, rather it suggests the ability to show kindness in the face of a peers anguish. Not being neutral, passive, rather overly supportive, that would suggest some degree of mirroring, reflection, and the simplistic sharing of troubles but doubles their intensity. It is decidedly human to show empathy without being sympathetic.

I like the comparative neighborliness, for does not that intent fulfill all the needs of decency, humanity, support, tolerance, and tenderness, that the sharing of deep and truthful understanding requires. The ability to sometimes say or do nothing, to just be the lintel, a spar, tree like, an umbrella helping to shield, to protect equitably, with consideration and compassion.

Sensitivity is expressed by not being combative, choosing to pass on points of conflict, particularly words that might easily cause divisiveness. Humanitarianism is but the cotton wool protecting a piece of precious porcelain, the Id.

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