16th July 2021

Lies, untruths, whether great, immaterial, casual, purposeful, cruel, kind, considered, abrupt, apt, out of place, timely, off kilter, are inclined to slip from the mouth of humanity as smoothly as do the drips from a severely damaged faucet. Mankind is a devious beast, inclined to falsify and perjure whenever is politic to their ends and means. From the earliest moments of our lives our facial expressions practice the art of deception, sketching an emotional canvas to frame the serpentine noises expressed in suited support.

Verbal language can easily manipulate when cunningly crafted to compliment or elevate the listener, making the attendee’s inner delight at such compliments further enticement to draw them forward into the inviting cavern of fallacy. We have all stood upon the edge of a big lie, our interest aroused, but our sensibilities holding us firm at the exterior. Beware the inviting smile of the great predator waiting deep at the core of the falsehood to feed upon your gullibility, like a ghoul within the charnel house.

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