15th July 2021

In the arena of public representation reputation carries far more weight than either appearance or ability. For example it is quite possible to place a crown upon the head of a swine and with suitable support from the administrative elite, aligned with an ingratiating portion of the press and media, have them remain for all their unsavory nature a figure of great delight and   attraction to the gullible percentile of the population, a number quite likely amounting to say a third of any given generation.

 Stuff that foraging sovereign with a mouthwatering mix of sage and onion and the majority of humanity, with the exception of those with particularly strong dietary, ethical, or social convictions, will partake in the corpulent carcasses nourishment with great gusto.

Please understand that this supposition is more political cartoon that actual illustration, for such an unfortunate occurrence would be damning towards any reasonable individual who proposed, supported, or even just observed such a travesty of natural justice.

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