14th July 2021

I read today a most enlightened and well considered opinion that stated quite simply and poignantly that in the morass of information that crosses before our eyes each and every day, the most vital, intrinsic, is inclined to be buried quite out of sight amongst a plethora of absolutely unimportant tosh. The matters that affect our hearts, our souls, our joy, our sadness, tend to be miniscule by the worlds perspective. Such minor happenstances like birth, death, success, failure, affecting none but those intimately involved, personally touched by the circumstance.

Individual humans exist in a small circle, a close-knit group of the loved, hated and intermediary, arbitrarily connected, haphazard in congregation, but intensely vital. Our friendships, matters of import, are mundane, based on inconsequential connections, universally immaterial, but personally of immense significance..

We exist in a tiny glass fishbowl sunk into a huge ocean, forever looking outward when the notable is extremely local.

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