11th July 2021

I have little to no patience with proselytizing, finding the unnecessary exposure of personal convictions both tedious and highly embarrassing. Such matters should be left quietly locked away within the depths of the soul, for beliefs are too private and individualistic to be casually exposed to the rough and tumble of public scrutiny. Whilst recognizing that some individuals are employed in the furtherment of faiths and movements, I see no particular benefit in their preaching or extolling, rather their time and ventures should be fully committed to the social wellbeing of others, showing compassion and most charitable conviction to all, certainly never being divisive, sitting in judgement, pointing, belittling, being self-congratulatory, a weisenheimer in the most unhumanitarian of ways.

Taking myself into the cloisters does somewhat appeal to my nature, which tends towards solitude and introspection. Preferable a silent order, wherein only specific times are  set aside for communication, and silence is never considered rude or antagonistic, deep reflection being recognized as a trait most aligned with the further pursuit of humanity in all matters.

My aversion to attempts to induce conversion are not confined to any particular branch of the faith tree, my condemnation happily stretches to any offshoot, well founded or spectacularly wild and woolly. All belief systems tend to follow the same inescapable delusion, that they are incontrovertibly correct and all other varieties, even variations on the same theme, are wrong, misguided, dooming followers to an unfortunate and unpleasant culmination in whatever nether region their particular perspective considers the negative realm or state. The confidence required to claim to know the innermost workings physical and spiritual of a faceless, nameless god, element, object of deification, is beyond pretentiousness, shamelessness, and any hope of my acquiescence.

I am happy to bask in the glow of the holy, it allows me to think, read, imagine with some clarity, but faith is not a contagion spread by touch, word of mouth, or enforced proximity.

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