10th July 2021

I have recently noticed I have a very strict bias against sin, not in general, for I am inclined to commit certain sins as easily as the next chap, but rather specific sins, those my soul considers particularly heinous, my most violent disapproval being turned upon betrayal, and even then a very specific variety, self-motivated perfidy, leading to engrandisment or tangible gain on behalf of the sinner. This particular form of falsity is all too easily forgiven, being both understood and in the wheel house of us all, yet unquestionably retains at its core a fundamental failing that instills and encourages a host of additional errors of conscience.

Most iniquities do relate to conscious, or rather it being occasionally set aside, or even perhaps a complete lack of that most humane component. Faithlessness do touch upon dishonesty, iniquity, deceit, ambivalence, as well as all the seven capital vices to some degree, and is guaranteed to wound the human heart and soul as surely did the arrows pierce misused Saint Sebastien.

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