9th July 2021

I do try to make my diet both entertaining and nourishing in a good way, with fresh ingredients, plenty of healthy type rabbit food to keep my system operational, and sufficient substitute meat to satisfy my primitive need for cannibalism. I do have an overly sweet tooth, which craves every fattening food known to humanity, but time has taught me the wisdom of refraining from over indulgence, a few pounds foolishly gained require several months of arduous toil to counteract.

My life has always been reasonably active, both from choice and from the almost fetishistic desire   I have for physical exercise. In my fittest moments that need was easily satisfied through playing sports, a number of which I found easy to perform excellently. This specifically human form of physical elitism also brings a whole panoply of additional bonuses, status, admiration, self-satisfaction, and pride. Being a good physical specimen reinforces all measure of mental and social advantages, a perfect example of the basis for Darwin’s evolution theory.

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