8th July 2021

Like any number of my peers, my heroes have always been fragile, had obvious and in less valorous individuals unforgivable faults, but in their moments of triumphs such issues can be set aside as we bask in their unquestionable glory.

My listings of indomitable persons tend to fall into very specific areas of expertise, many warriors and sporting elites, a number of writers and poets, explorers and several takers of actions unusual and extreme. Gender has no real standing in any of the groupings, men and women are both equally capable of extraordinary heroism, indeed the female in my experience had a larger capacity for selfish determination, a major indicator in the measurement of daring do, than any member of the male persuasion.

Bravery is an abstract concept, appearing as wholly different as left and right to separate observers. Hence, national icons are inclined to change as rapidly as generational memories.   Yesterday’s heroes are todays headline and tomorrows back page obituary.

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