7th July 2021

When doth a falsehood become a lie, when is an untruth confirmed as a fiction, a fabrication become a deceit? At the moment the words drizzle from the mouth of the perpetrator, or perhaps the very inception when the idea is first created in an instigators fertile mind?

 A complication is that not all fallacies are singular, some have multiple births, spouting concurrently like so many twined demons from a veritable host of   provocateurs, making an otherwise solitary droplet into drowning deluge of misinformation. Perhaps more correctly it is adoption of such deceptions by another, or multiple others, the swallowing of fraudulence whole and unquestioned, hoaxes becoming contrived within common understanding, hearsay, fable, myth, legend, folklore, accepted spiritually as wholly valid even if not in the remotest sense probable or accurate.

We continue to propagate such concoctions at the peril of eternal truth, for a good story will always envelop and overlay simplistic rendition of fact.

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