6th July 2021

A question I oft am inclined to consider is the ongoing mischief caused through the celebration of the fallacious, the imaginary, the theatric, fantastic tales created through repetitive partisanship, carefully contrived recollections, and memorials. The fault is that reality becomes perverted, hidden, circumstances are adapted to promoted misconceptions, to excuse clever fabrications, vital actors true inclinations, emotions, and activities, reshaping and presenting facts erroneously, facilitating the fabrication of politic and social explanations and excuses for abuses and usuries past and present.

 A keel however well laid will not float if the hull is porous, built with ill-fitted planks of unsuitable lumber. Any superstructure, however splendid in design and purpose, is bound to eventually submerge under the uncompromising test of the ocean, of fluid unyielding truth.

Verity is finite, has but one face, honest, open, and authentic. We do no service by amending its weight, breadth, or consequences, rather we impair its legality.

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