5th July 2021

We stand at the other side of a holiday, a celebration of great and good things, of acts and purposes wholly intended to improve the human condition, inclusively for all, without proviso or exception. Our beliefs in the positives of nationhood, in the aspirations that bind us together as a people, are not dissimilar to our earnest acceptance of the triple foundations retaining the structure of any collective, all civilizations against the constant threat of chaos. That triumvirate being freedom, equality, and fraternity.

That vibrant, almost holy motto from the French revolution, whose remembrance celebration descends so soon, Bastille Day the fourteenth of July, manages to inspire all humanity equally, for it speaks to the mind, the heart, and the soul, on an emotional level that mere nationalistic fervor cannot manage, for the phrase possesses no jingoism, no egotism, no protestation of superiority.

The adage speak to the familial fabric of our species, singular, united, integrated, without division or separation.

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