3rd July 2021

The arrival of July heralds the true beginning of summer, of blazing sunshine, searing temperatures, and of course a general feeling of elation and holiday spirit. Four days into the month appears America’s birthday, celebrated with much noise and show, generally with fireworks and parades, though this year the shadow of the pandemic will keep such public displays to a minimum.

Joyous celebrations, whether caused by sumptuous weather or gleeful holidays are a good thing, to be had and enjoyed by all in equal measure. Such moments rise above banal considerations, ignore differences that otherwise cause friction or division, become treasuries   to dispense their wealth on all with equal magnanimity.   

Treat such gifts with great care, share unilaterally, for both a sunny day and a public holiday belong to the nation unequivocally, without a singular group of overlords dictating rules and procedures. Rather such moments perfectly espouse the essence of individual freedom.

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