28th June 2021

Mankind is inclined to forget that before our  supposed spiritual enlightenment, which at heart was decidedly more an intellectual awakening than any real physical or chronological happenstance, our universe was simply identified as a harsh, relentless, unforgiving mistress, bestowing no particular hope or promise, providing quite considerately a  tumultuous burden rolling consistently downhill from bad to worse, from a painful, blood soaked inception to the ending guaranteed demise, presenting no more hope than a mild possibility cunningly destined to  evaporate to  unmitigated failure.

The one accomplishment that does highlight a mortals rise from beastliness to the heavens is the acquisition of the ability to forgive, even though in reality gift that is often simply indulging the inexcusable.  Words of regret are deemed unnecessary, promises of future loyalty and faultlessness of no import, for true magnanimity is absolutely free, without attachments, provisos, expectations. Such pledges are the currency of the one who fails, the dismal, the wretched, the offeror of any pain and suffering for the gift of   mercy. Yet true clemency is priceless, unrewardable, disconnected from any presumption of debt or duty. If you slightly disentangle this Gordian knot you will have somewhat accomplished, or at minimum perceived, some degree of understanding the ethos of humanity.

Reason and individualism as opposed to traditional values seemed a major step in the late seventeenth century, the amplification of true science and education over the supernatural and ignorance must produce a leap forward for civilized humanity. But the advance carried a proviso, for however incisive became the understanding of the universes construct and laws, sufficient leeway must remain for humanities compulsion. desire, need, for religious mysticisms, illogical creeds, and wholly unrealistic notions.

My heart is creationist, and like Darwin and Newton I find such a perspective wholly aligns with enlightenment. That creation is the product of a singular force opposed to random happenstance I find  truly reassuring.

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