26th June 2021

I probably do not smile as much as I should, the pandemic didn’t help, the wearing of a face mask in company has made my expressiveness rather stayed, almost subliminal to language and gesture. Never having been a great hugger the social distancing thing was no great pain, but I have always enjoyed facial communication, can read it well, manage generally to elucidate the subordinate ticks, the small fleeting spasms that show the true undercurrent of an individual’s hidden emotions as they bubble below the surface, however wide their visible painted smile might be.

Purely through clumsiness I recently managed to topple over, clubbing myself violently in the mouth with the ground, resulting in a central incisor being broken with scrupulous precision. Yes, dear readers. my rugged features have taken somewhat of a turn for the worst, I can however now open cans of beans with extreme alacrity.

Under such unfortunate circumstances being momentarily obliged to be masked was a most fortunate occurrence, allowing me some time to accommodate my new gappiness, how wonderful that there is an exactly appropriate word to describe such a situation. I have of course suffered similar injuries on many an occasion, professional sports in the age before mouth guards became de rigour abounded with such perils, stray fists, elbows, foreheads, and boots can accomplish major dental displacement and rearrangement with extreme prejudice.

My present embarrassment has more to do with causal circumstances than effect. The injury arose from my clumsily measuring my length, which bye the bye remains a quarter inch under six feet. Such an accidental occurrence thankfully remains unusual enough to make it distinctly memorable.

I am considering adopting the niqab, seems to me a wholly sensible piece of apparel, removing the necessity to do any sort of tonsorial maintenance at all, very take me exactly as I am or not at all, an attitude with which I can completely commiserate.

On the subject of respect I do suggest you watch the Channel 4 television series, ‘We are Lady Parts’, you can find it on Peacock TV.

One thought on “26th June 2021

  1. I do beg you dear sir to consider getting a check up. Falling can be indicative of something else where prevention is key. I say this as I had a friend who fell and it was later discovered to be a blockage. I remember in your writing you eluded to the fact that you did not feel up to par (so to speak). I am an intuitive sort and feel it wise for you to consider this request. We love you and want you as a neighbor and friend for a very long time and yes, we will take you as you are, always and gladly…. and you must accept us in this light as well.


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