17th June 2021

To admit a fault, an error, acknowledge bad logic, a foolish position, is at the very core of human interaction, without such basic diplomatic skills our societies would dissolve into constant ferment, dispute, and animus.  

Humans consider sorry a most distasteful four-letter word, hard to formulate, difficult to expel from the larynx, causing a seriously wounding deflation when expressed. All conversations tend in some way to be interrogative, enquiring, the seeking of advice, direction, perhaps commonality. Such interactions must by nature contain questions and answers, forms of address open to being straightforward or complex, or at worst leading and deceptive. Any two-sided object has a head or tail, a top or bottom, a right side or reverse. This physical rule is followed in forms of verbal interplay, except of course with the cunning strife avoiding inclusion of a third physical state, compromise.

Accommodations are a politic way of ending disagreement, reaching an understanding without concession, meaning no one is at fault, ever having to say or even think sorry.

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