16th June 2021

We have entered the aftermath, the time that follow disasters, destruction, realignments, realizations of mankind’s unimportance to the universe. When kings are overthrown, emperors toppled, the mighty humbled, those having power made small. Humanity scrambles to have some overriding relevance, some magical import that raises them above all other beasts upon the planet, a right to existence that overshadows all others, yet is so easily and often brought low by tiny and primitive agents.

Challenged by powers beyond our natural defenses we are obliged to delve into the darkness at the very edges of scientific research, trying to assimilate how mankind’s uncontrolled predatorial appetites opened the door to enemies we are unable to vanquish without unilateral efforts.  Humanity is momentarily forced to join together to overt calamity, a scenario that could with unbelievable ease and speed sweep our species back to its stone age.

We survive, barely, and immediately revert to the very foolishness’s that are our wont.

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