10th June 2021

The ambiguity of attraction is an eternal mystery, why the most unsuited of relationships piques the appetite like no other variety possibly can, to the detriment of both emotional and mental health. We have all loved the impossible, whether represented by the real or fantastic, the next-door neighbor, the stranger across a crowded street, the flickering image on a screen, the character leaping from the pages of fiction, or even arousing biography.

The inadequacies of the human natural dating application is legendary, causes more heartburn than cooked cheese, more misery than bitter conflict, more divisiveness than familial alienation. To have loved and lost is quite dastardly enough, but to have loved unrequited is ironically equally as devastating. A flame can be carried unappreciated and unencouraged from childhood to demise, as an uncompromising weight ceaselessly squashing the soul.

Love is rarely fair or wholly productive, the embers burn exceeding bright, but in their consumptive manner are often destructive beyond repair or renewal. I well recall my first great passion, dearest realistically unattainable Mary, to me the vision of idealistic perfection, but in reality a cunning fallacy set in my path for wholly disreputable motives, to me an unattainable pinnacle, to others a very easily available convenience, but innocence and naivety easily accept such contradictions in matters of amore, particularly first.

I would like to claim that maturity brings a real change is susceptibility, yet in all honesty the strings of our most vital but easily tainted organ are still played with concerning ease. The mere form of another wafting passed in anonymity is quite capable of raising the pulse alarmingly, making the imagination blossom with an abundance of sweet irresistible visions. We are a fish that easily falls prey to that particular variety of hook and bait that exists unilaterally in our natural environment.

No doubt the dreams of the recluse, the imaginings of the solitary, even of the anchorite are still filled with such foolishness’s, much to their endless purgatory.

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