8th June 2021

All of my accounts might be considered histories, as they do tend to be chronological, have pertinent points annotated as suited, and hopefully reflect upon social situations and perspectives as applicable. Perhaps a little too philosophical, comedic, or fantastic to be true studious accounts, reflecting quite blatantly my own very skewed outlook, as all accounts not carefully contrived to be solely dispassionate must be.

True history is remarkably plain, unadulterated, pedantic in pace and meter, the chroniclers equally uninspired, neutral, without horse in the race as were, often so detached as to appear emotionally disinterested. Personal involvement, clearly defined opinions, would of course tend make such works autobiographical in many senses, being reflections of feelings and outlook wholly individual as opposed to abstractly educational. Interestingly most published histories tend towards this later weakness, being very slanted towards a particular set of values or point of view, for example Winston Churchills undoubted masterpiece, the multi-volume, ‘History of the English-Speaking Peoples’, is full of language unashamedly monarchist,  politically disingenuous,  unapologetically classist, racially divisive, but only because it reflets the author himself, his education, his social outlook and an unquestionable  reflection of the society and period from whence he arose.

Every time I put pen to paper, fingertip to key, words into spoken sentences, I admit to being completely partisan, for as a human with strong ideals and ideas, I cannot help but color any subject matter with my own very particular palette. My only redeeming quality from his weakness is that I quite openly admit to bias, predetermination, having spent many decades giving deep consideration, not necessarily independent or even handed, to most every subject it is my inclination to make comment upon.  

My views, shadings, are most certainly inclined to occasional change, to metamorphosize if you will, specifically in the light of others literary and verbal outpourings, which I try to listen to or read most attentively, even of not at first inclined.

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