6th June 2021

It is perfectly possible to be a supremely original whilst adequately fulfilling the role of desirous community member, the two goals are not utterly incompatible, just require a degree of careful thought and management. Eccentricity does not bode antisocialism necessarily; it simply suggests a modicum of independence from accepted societal norms.

A community is delineated by its common goals, averaged positives and negatives, combined strengths, and weaknesses. Often it is the variances within the capabilities that amalgamate to create a strong and vital unit, with multiple chances for expansion or contraction at any given juncture. Single will, at least majority will is fundamental, but singular purpose is limiting, defining, predisposing redundancy, courting supersedence.

The absurd balances the staid, the illogical goads the predictable towards the inspired, the fringes of society denote its reach, the vagueness towards the edges highlighting the cores focus and stability.

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