5th June 2021

My dream home would be a liberal paradise, equality, acceptance, opportunity for all, no prejudice, judgement, or discrimination to be seen, heard or experienced by any. I was raised in an aggressively politically left-wing family, quite removed from the supposed expectations of our familial position and financial status, raised to believe in the dual virtues of honest labor and dignity, unafraid, accepting of revolution, anarchy, Marxism, and socialism, all and any holding the only valid answers to the incessant moral and ethical questions being asked of humanity in the modern age. I understood the shape, taste and feel of nirvana, the obligation to override all other considerations with those of universal liberty, equality, and fraternity. The overwhelming blossoming of the goodness of humanity over personal need and desire, Cervantes ‘impossible dream’, so perfectly lyrically expressed by Joe Darion.

In my homeland we are taught that good foundations will remain vital for an eternity, that once firmly laid innumerable great constructions can be erected upon that same steady base. Hy home, my upbringing, education, schools, faith, politics, all held to the same unshakable conviction, that responsibility for the sanctity of work and dignity rests upon the shoulders of all, without exception, from the mightiest to the meekest in the land. Without that steadfast truth no footing can survive but a few miserable, shaky years.

It is mine common hope that the majority of contemplative individuals, if only upon their death beds, will settle upon a similar perspective. What point final confession, seeking absolution, if the great mystery of life is still never revealed prior to the drawing of the ultimate breath.

Attempt to hold yourself to the path, avoiding interferences and distractions as best you can, for there will be many tempting alternatives, glinting diamond like in the periphery to seduce you of line at every instant. Guaranteed you will wander, be beguiled by pretty things, but hold fast to the one incontrovertible truth, that you remain your brothers and sisters keeper till the marathon she is done, and to that end keep faith.

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