31st May 2021

I do not necessarily expect things to improve, if life has taught me anything in its consistent pitter patter towards extinction, it is that many circumstances, anomalies, situations, have no manageable long-term corrections. Whatever the will might be, the wrong way will still lead to eventual loss, a coin will haphazardly alternate between heads and tails when fairly tossed, death and taxes will remain the consistencies of our existence.

My acceptance of inevitability should in no way adversely affect your hoped outcomes, acceptable results are purely personal, generalizations of such desires are what lead to the imposition of moral and ethical imperatives, and the eventual rigors of Draconian measures, all theoretically for the common good, common in that instance meaning the least acrimonious compromise.

Each new day is a fresh start, with original successes and problems, requiring equally singular solutions and challenges. There is no real continuance, rather a constant shuffling and dealing of the same deck of cards in a most irritatingly unpredictable fashion.

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