29th May 2021

Inhibitions, phobias, are annoyingly debilitating. Small inconsequential matters controlling, indeed ruling existence. What so easily begins as a harmless habit, a side thought, a slight tendency, can easily become the driving force creating a major deviation in pattern or routine.

The tiniest difficulty is quite capable of expanding to astronomical proportions, the mole hill literally erupting overnight into a veritable mountain. Should such manifestations not be nipped in the bud, cast aside quickly and forcibly, they will most certainly expand to unsurmountable proportions. Humans have a proclivity for sloth, a way of finding the least troubling manner to resolve a perceived issue, ever seeking a shortcut to complete a most mundane and untaxing undertaking. The excuse is ever efficiency over labor intensity, when in actuality it is more likely symptomatic of torpidity, inertia.  

We are at core creatures of manipulation, craft, physical and theoretical. It is our nature to be applied, heuristic. Languor is aberrant.

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