28th May 2021

Completed my civic duty and lined up for the second Covic shot this afternoon. As always the affair was wonderfully organized by the Orcas center and volunteers, with the Washington National Guard brandishing the hardware. The wait entertainment was bluegrass fiddle and guitar, a nice change from poke ones classical piano and cello.

Nice to see everyone in such great spirits, all really happy to be able to move our islands inoculation drive forward. This late spring and summer are going to be a challenge, we all realize that hopes of normality are dependent on mainlanders conforming to requirements, but at least we are doing all we can as a united community to keep our own cases of infection to the minimum proscribed. I doubt we will be able to consistently venture abroad totally mask free this side of fall, maybe even later, but in all honesty are the restrictions really so onerous now that stores, restaurants, and bars have settled into a convenient pattern.  Everyone’s ability to queue politely in lines has improved dramatically, bordering on London quality.

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