26th May 2021

The sum total of some individuals identities can be observed in an almost single glance, their entire being is wrapped up in the obvious, the visual, the simplistically plain, without refererence to any more explanatory information. The eyes do not necessarily lie, but they are quite incapable of relating a fully rounded picture, humans observe in two dimensions, imperfectly, without depth, completeness, unemotionally and ineptly, with perceptions biased by assumption and judgement.

Mail serves a purpose, it shields our body from danger, protects our soft inner parts from assault and injury, but also explicitly reflects a constructed representation, one manufactured by the armorer, self-chosen and donned. Such produced visuals are about image, projecting, representing, formulating impressions, creating a narrative that enmeshes the viewer in an arranged construct. Extracting sympathy, admiration, by utilizing theatric production to disguise underlying motivation, reality masked carefully by disposition.

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